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Rent a Car with Cash, is an Austin car rental company that serves people that want to rent a car but for some reason they can’t or don’t wish to rent from Enterprise, Hertz or Dollar.  We allow people to rent a car with no hassle.  You can rent a car without a credit card!  You can rent without a credit check.  You can rent a car with a debit card.  The only thing we require is a valid driver’s license.  So if you want to rent a car, SUV, minivan or moving truck with no headache, Rent a Car with Cash is the answer!  Another bonus is that we are “off-airport” which means that we do not charge up to 60% in airport taxes and fees.  Yet we are just a 15 minute Uber or Lyft ride from the airport!  Our cars are also able to be rented and used as Uber or Lyft vehicles.  If you have any questions, call us or check our FAQs.

We offer certain unique services, such as renting with Cash. Please call today to learn more.

Rent a Car with Cash Discount Rates on Car, Minivan, SUV, and moving Truck Rentals


Cars for Rent

Compact, Mid-Size, Full-Size

Lexus-LS 460

Luxury Cars for Rent

Featuring Lexus models

Mazda CX-9


Featuring Mazda CX-9



Featuring Toyota Siennas

2006-box truck

Box Trucks

Need to move?

Rent a Car with Cash features Lexus, Toyota, Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles for rent in Austin

Similar to booking a flight on an airline, car rental rates are date and location specific.  Just let us know when you need it, for how long, what kind of vehicle, and whether you are staying in the Austin area or if your travels will take you outside the city or state.

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At Rent a Car with Cash, we strive to make renting a Car, SUV, Minivan, or truck affordable and accessible. We offer many services other rental companies do not.  Call us today and ask about renting a car with CASH or DEBIT CARD.  If you are under 25 and finding it impossible to rent a vehicle, we rent car to people under 25!  We are off-airport but easily accessible. Don’t pay the extra airport fees. Come see us at Rent a Car with Cash.

We offer certain unique services, such as renting with Cash and renting to persons age 21-25, that are subject to surcharges. Please call today to learn more.


*For an additional fee.