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Don’t pay Concession Recovery and Facility Charges with Us!

Rent a Car with Cash is not located in the Austin Bergstrom Airport Terminal but neither is any other rental car company! Whether you rent from us, or the Airport Car Rental Center, you will need to leave the terminal and go to a completely different location. The difference is if you rent a car, van or SUV from Rent a Car with Cash, we do not charge airport fees.

Do you really want to pay 30% more for your rental?

While all car rental companies must collect taxes, concession fees and facility charges are easily avoidable by renting at a facility that does not charge them because they are not located in the Rental Car Center.  And while it may seem that doing so sacrifices a certain level of convenience, the remarkable truth is that because the Rental Car Center is not IN the Austin Terminal either, it is no more convenient than an off-site facility.  Whether renting “at the airport” or at an “off airport” facility, all renters must be shuttled away from the actual airport.

Similar to booking a flight on an airline, car rental rates are date and location specific.  Just let us know when you need it, for how long, what kind of vehicle, and whether you are staying in the Metropolitan Austin.

3 Easy Steps to Getting One Low Rate!

Give us a call with the answer to these 3 questions, and we will provide you with a rate quote for your van or SUV rental. It’s much quicker than filling in a form. We promise!

For Rate Info Call Now!


What date are you looking to rent a vehicle and how long will you need it?


We have a variety of cars, vans and SUVs. Do you need a 15-passenger van? Minivan? SUV?


Rates are location specific. Will you will be staying in the Austin area or traveling elsewhere?

Travel expert Gary Leff explained on the Today Show why renting “off-airport” will save you money.At Austin Car Rental, we do not charge these fees:

  • Concession Recovery Fee
  • Tire and Battery Recovery Fee
  • Customer Transportation Fee
  • Parking Recovery Fee

Read our blog post to learn more and watch Gary on NBC’s Today Show by clicking on the video.


At Rent a Car with Cash, we strive to make renting a Car, Pickup Truck, Large Passenger Van, Minivan, or SUV affordable and accessible. We offer many services other rental companies do not. Call us today and ask about renting with CASH or DEBIT CARD. If you are under 21 and finding it impossible to rent a vehicle, or are between 21 and 25 and want to avoid the extra fee charged by other companies, we can help with that. We are off-airport but easily accessible. Don’t pay the extra airport fees. Come see us at Austin Car Rental.

We offer certain unique services, such as renting with Cash and renting to persons age 18-21, that are subject to surcharges. Please call today to learn more.


All rentals must be returned to the Austin location from which they were rented.

The Fine Print:

The base rate is in addition to applicable surcharges and taxes

All cargo space capacity is approximate

We book vehicles by category and do not guarantee exact models

Seating configurations and luggage space photos are for illustrative purposes only